Francezi Building

Euro Constructii Project

Francezi Building

A new building consists of ground floor, basement and five floors was completed in the Francezi district of Galati.

address: Regimentul 11 Siret street 20D, Galati

All apartments have been sold.

Address:Regimentul 11 Siret street 20D Status: Complete Apartments available:0

Photo Gallery

Francezi Building

Photo Gallery - Francezi Building

March 2016

August 2015

Francezi Building Renders

Exchange Rate


Exchange Rate

1 EUR / Euro
4.9457 RON
1 USD / Dolarul SUA
4.6715 RON
1 CHF / Francul Elvetian
4.8931 RON
1 CAD / Dolarul Canadian
3.6404 RON

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