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Euro Constructii Company was founded in 2005 on the initiative of the three partners of the firm - Cojocaru Constantin, Cojocaru Ionut and Bassetto Simone.

It all started in Italy, when they met on a construction site in Vicenza and after just a few hours of discussion they decided to join forces, to form a team to capitalize on their experience from the years spent working there. They all agreed that this project will get noticed by being serious and having a concept that will make it stand apart from other companies present in the construction filed of Galati.

As a first step they decided to build a complex of 11 apartments, work on which they applied some ideas taken over from Italy such as planning an underground parking for all apartments, a barbeque area reserved for residents, execution of common parts to premium standards and interior finishes according to customers’ choice.

Another idea that they were very keen to implement was that of documenting each stage of construction and to make all information available to those interested in purchasing an apartment. This was appreciated by customers, as documents and photos provided more certainty and weighted in favor of the acquisition of apartments.

The decision to use only quality materials and to document everything, including the examinations made by company associates to test the quality of materials, was another point in favor of the constructors. To provide a good product and to ensure its quality the business associates are always present on site, working side by side with the workers.

Regarding the sale of the apartments is why our policy to maintain a low cost, to let customers to choose finishes depending on preferences and to decide together the payment method and not to use a default payment method.

Euro Constructii - 10 Years

The work is done on land owned by the company which is another benefit for the customer that takes possession of the share of land and does not have to pay rent.

The surfaces for sale are only perimeters of flats, and the common parts shares and the corresponding ground will be included in the price. We want to make the customer feel like in a family when decides to buy an apartment and we will be sure to listen to suggestions, to fulfill his desires and to do everything in our power to be the best builders.


Euro Constructii

Associate - Cojocaru Ionut

Cojocaru Ionut
mobile: +4 0726 143 184
born: 1982

Equipment / Machinery

used in constructions


Tower Crane


Power 380V, 30m high, 35m arm long, remote control.
Year of manufacture 2002.

Crane self rising


220V and 380V power, 12 m height, arm length 14 meters, remote control, mounting in 15 minutes.
Year of manufacture 1987.

Hydraulic Scaffolding


Power 380V, 20m high, 8m long platform.
Year of manufacture 1985

Earth Compactor


Year of manufacture 2008.

Vibratory plate


Year of manufacture 2008.

Machine for cutting walls


Year of manufacture 2008.

Box Office site


Features: lighting system, plugs, air conditioning, heating, toilet site.

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